Baptisms, Weddings and Life Events


Baptisms and Christenings

Welcoming children into the family of God is a great joy. The service is called either Baptism or Christening but whatever the name it is a service where we give thanks for a new child and acknowledge that they are precious to God. Older children and adults are also invited to come to baptism if they decide they want to be on a journey with God.

The service can either take part within an All Age Worship service on the 4th Sunday or the month or as a separate service on a Sunday afternoon.

Weddings and Wedding Blessings

St. Mary’s, Woolpit, is a beautiful and historic church in which to hold your wedding. If you have been or are a resident of Woolpit or Drinkstone you have the right to be married in St. Mary’s. If you don’t have connections to the village but are interested in being married at St. Mary’s please talk to Rev. Ruth on 01359 242244.

When you get married in church you are acknowledging that God, who loves you, rejoices with you in your marriage and will strengthen your love for each other through his love for you both.